Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hello Again,

Isn't it strange how we sometimes come full circle back to the thing we first started out that I mean, when I began crafting, my passion was parchment craft.  I haven't really done anything with parchment for some time, as I discovered mini albums, digi stamps, paint fusion, ribbon roses  and all sorts of other wonderful ways to create.

I  have always loved parchment and am a great admirer of some of the incredible work I've seen on various websites. 

Well, I've rekindled my love for the craft.  It can be time consuming, but I've found that when I'm working with parchment I am so relaxed it's unreal, and so for now at least I'm loving it.

The piece I've finished today is a gift for my sister's birthday later this year.  The pattern is by Kannikar Sukseree called  'Stylish Collections' and can be found here.

She creates some wonderful patterns and I fell in love with this one.  I'm a bit rusty but can only get better with more and more practice.

I used blendable pencils on the reverse of the parchment to add a little colour to her skin, but the hair was coloured from the front.

I added a piece of lilac card stock behind the parchment, and I made up the lace frame myself using various tools.  I used a piece of black foiled card stock to create the outer frame.

I really enjoyed doing this one, and there are three more in the set, so who knows!

You can view some of my past parchment work on my Youtube Channel
Thanks for watching.

Happy Crafting!!

Have a lovely day!!

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