Monday, 12 May 2014

OH Wow!!

Hi everyone,
Have just learnt that one of my cards made using the beautiful creations of Mitzi Sato Wiuff has been featured on her new Showcase Blog.  I am so excited!!  Her artwork is incredible and is so inspirational to anyone who enjoys colouring.  So, in the unlikely event that you are not familiar with her work, then I suggest you click on the above links and check out her designs.

I have been away from blogging and the computer in general for a few weeks now....haven't been too good with my hands....(arthritis), and had to have injections for, had my sister visiting from yorkshire for a couple of weeks.  Have also been working on an album for my future daughter in law, for her hen night, and now I am up to my eyes in ribbon as I am making all the wedding flowers!!! my work cut out...altho loving it!!...Never made ribbon roses before but am enjoying doing them all.  Hope to have pictures up very soon of how they are coming along thus far.

Hope you all have a super crafty week!!!
take care


  1. Hi Elly, can't wait to see the ribbon flowers. Sounds like you have been a busy lady.

  2. Hi Elly!
    I was worried about you & so glad you checked in Hun! Sorry to hear about your hands but congrats on being featured!!!!!! Sounds like you're keeping busy & can't wait to see the pics!!!!

    Take care!
    Hugs & Love my friend.....

  3. Hi Elly, Congratulations, lovely to see your wonderful card showcased on the Aurora wings FB page.
    I am now following your fabulous blog.
    Janet xxx